InKaZo stands for Innovatie in KankerpatiëntenZorg (Innovation in Cancer Patient Care), an initiative that was set up by 4 women who are concerned with the quality of care for cancer patients in the Netherlands. They exert themselves to address the issue of the odds of recovery or common side effects during regular treatments. Furthermore, they would like to initiate a dialogue over the patients’ liberty to undergo whatever treatment they choose, so that effectivity, durability and quality of care for cancer patients in the Netherlands will improve through innovative ways.

They would like to initiate this dialogue soon! This will happen by way of an international congress at which speakers from all around the world will give their vision on not only the origin and treatment of cancer, but also on creating a new paradigm in which testing, recognition and financing of innovative treatments shall be enabled.

Therefore, they invite public authorities, insurers, sufferers’ associations, hospital boards of directors, medical staff, specialists, therapists, psychosocial counselors, social workers, GPs and patients to attend the aforementioned congress.

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