We are going to make a documentary; provide for cases, please!

  1. patients who have been given up and who looked for a different solution
  2. patients who chose a different solution straight away
  3. patients who have investigated into the reason of their disease
  4. patients who are undergoing treatment and following complementary therapy
  5. patients who are undergoing treatment who would like to do something by themselves without knowing where to look for the necessary information

Audiovisual support during the congress:

“A picture is worth a 1000 words.”

During the congress, our speakers are alternated with three contemplative mini-documentaries of about 12-13 minutes.

In these mini-documentaries, we shall see:

-Interviews with former cancer patients talking about 1 specific alternative treatment they have undergone.

-Interviews with several doctors about the specific complementary treatment they give.

-A compilation of fragments of interviews with foreign doctors about their specific complementary treatment. These doctors are not interviewed by ourselves, but a number of their quotations appear in the mini-documentaries.

These 3 mini-documentaries are not only to be shown during the congress, but are also to be put on our website of InKaZo and YouTube immediately after its conclusion.


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