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An exchange of information: open-source database
If the experiences of 300,000 cancer patients, who have been using alternative and complementary therapies and medicine, were documented, we would, after a relatively short amount of time, learn much about the most often applied therapies, healthy changes of life style, dietary habits, use of medicine and supplements, etc.

For years on end, alternative and complementary therapies have suffered from a severe lack of the collection of data. This problem should be addressed, so that their use and effectivity can be scientifically measured.
The traditional way of collecting data is based on blind experiments, clinical tests, etc. This kind of research is financially and temporally very inefficient, which clogs the access to the market, thereby damaging the possibilities for innovation or newcomers that play a much smaller role.

With the current possibilities to collect data online, there is actually not a single obstacle anymore to let a user collect data for himself. This requires the voluntary coöperation between users, an accessible interface and designing a database, by which different kinds of research are enabled.

For a professional web site, supported by a database, about € 50,000 is required. This enables a feasibility study and helps create a functional design. In order to raise the investment capital for this dream, we appeal to sponsors!

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