What would we like to achieve with this congress?

The congress is our first step to enable connecting and exchanging knowledge. We would like to show interesting hypotheses and treatments that exist around the world that merit attention in the Netherlands.

Our program aims at informing all parties concerned of the latest developments in how cancer is viewed and how cancer in all of its forms could be cured.

Our speakers have been asked not to prove that certain methods work. Instead, a paradigm is to be developed as to how we should validate existing, if not new views or methods, so that the pieces of evidence on functionality can also be gathered.

We think healthcare for cancer patients can be improved. We would like to initiate for the benefit of all parties concerned a dialogue on the quality of healthcare and its effectivity. To that end, we would like to organise a congress soon, the theme of which is Innovatie KankerpatiëntenZorg (InKaZo).

-We would like to give a voice to the patients who undergo treatment and to bring them into view by means of a documentary that lets patients express their anxiety, thoughts, experiences and wishes.

-We would like to give the word to innovative and headstrong thinkers and give their ideas full play.

-We would like to show that cancer is treated by the patients themselves in many ways and that the right way seems to depend on the patient who is being treated and not only on the type of cancer or its nature.

-We would like further research of cancer to be based on people’s experiences with all manner of treatments and therapies.

-We ask for your support and would like to see you and hear you soon!



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